Thung Rao Royal Project, Samoeng

Chiang Mai right now is officially becoming cold season and if you still stuck in your house because you’ve got no plane for this season, Your Chiang Mai recommend you to the agro-tourism place which is not far from the city, it is called Thung Rao Royal Project.


Tung Rao Royal Project is located on Hmong tribe’s hill in the Samoeng district. Formerly, the local people have planted an opium and did a shifting cultivation which are bad right? Then, Thailand King Rama IX came and adjusted their inhabit by giving them the knowledge about the sufficiency economic agriculture and that changed everything.



Nowadays, Thung Rao Royal Project have changed to a better way, they adjusted from planting opium to local fruits and vegetables such as Chayote, Capsicum, tomato and more.

ÈÙ¹Âì¾Ñ²¹Òâ¤Ã§¡ÒÃËÅǧ ·Øè§àÃÒ

This Royal project has many variety tourism programs for you to choose…

- agro-tourism

This program provides you to watch and learn their high-end agriculture, there are flowers such as Gerbera flower and rose, local vegetables like Chayote, Capsicum and tomato and herbal such as USA mint and Japanese mint.

cultural and traditional tourism

You can learn all about Hmong tribal’s life for example their farmer routine, their recreation like folk’s top and Hmong mouth organ. In late December to early January of every years you can join their ancient New Year’s day ceremony in Hmong styled.

ÈÙ¹Âì¾Ñ²¹Òâ¤Ã§¡ÒÃËÅǧ ·Øè§àÃÒ ÈÙ¹Âì¾Ñ²¹Òâ¤Ã§¡ÒÃËÅǧ ·Øè§àÃÒ

When you come here, please don’t forget to grab some souvenirs for your sweet heart at home. The popular gifts here are seasonal local vegetables, fruits and herbals such as cabbage, avocado and chayote and the other adorable souvenir are Sativa’s fiber textile, candle painted fabric and silver things.




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