Grab some fresh and delectable homemade bakery and have a morning talk with your besties in Nana Jungle ChiangMai. This place is located in the complicated way to go but it worthy if you got there, because every bakery in here  is very delightful and different from all of the bakeries that you’ve ever had.

Some yummy fresh bake?


The great muffin ever! 30THB/Pc.

Little more Info.:

This secret garden opens in every Saturday from 08:00 AM to late morning but you have to be in line by 07:00 AM for the best bakeries ’cause every good ones will be taken by 08:15 AM and I’ll tell you  ‘It’s very very delectable so everyone want it!’

Nana Jungle ChiangMai has many variety customers, some foreigner who want some original french toasts and have a little talk with each other, some children who need some juicy apple pine and some elder who want some croissant, and here it’s a self-service that you have to pick your bakery and be in line for paying at the cashier by yourself and please be loyal(*wink*).

Keep calm and be in line

This is what you’ve got when you come too little too late….

Anything else:

This place doesn’t have only  bakery shop, it also has many kind of food to bring home for your sweetheart,such as juices, homemade sausage that we guarantee that it’s very really awesome!

The view around here is so amazingly gorgeous it’s surrounded by the incredibly nature scenes and it has got the pavilion for you to have some little talk and make a new relationship here!

Pick some juicy sausage,please!

Relax with the incredible nature scene

Some homemade juice?

Take a break for a while…


Nana Jungle Chiang is located at Suan Phai Lom Village on Chiang Mai International Convention and Exhibition Centre Road.

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