When the wind veering in the shade in the afternoon on Sunday about 17:00 am until about 22:00 pm It was known among the people of Chiang Mai. And visitors both Thailand and overseas. The appointment is significant because the area of ​​the road. Gate to Ratchadamnoen road To the middle of Sunday I went to Wat Phra Singh. By the middle of Sunday would have left fork to the right, Wat Chedi Luang, it is up to the opposite. Three Kings Monument Total road length overall Approximately one-half mile Roads have become clogged with cars Lankhonmueang replaced the hand-made.

Various types of handicrafts Sold along both sides, such as textiles, jewelry, wood carvings, paintings products from the Thailand mountain furnishings, clothes, souvenirs, bags, scarves, lamps, etc. to the modern art being staked into the street to be called with. Thailand’s largest city It is fashionable, it is seen in general. Including foodstuffs like noodles Liquid Snake / Liquid roti snacks, etc.

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If visiting during winter walking tour cabbage night. Who’s the other one, which I enjoy here is the largest street market in Chiang Mai and received. Much attention from both Thailand. And foreign The tourists will also meet with the artist. And amateur actor Came a cry from dance to watch and enjoy. At various points on the road and the Three Kings Monument. If you are hungry you can buy local food and sweets. Enjoy playing and chewing To have experience of walking and pedestrian streets full.

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