Lanna Candles and Lantern Festival @ Wat Phantao

In Chiang Mai or Thailand the upcoming famous festival is “Loy Krathong” or in Chiang Mai called “Yee Peng”. The festival has the point to apologize to the goddess of river ,Mae Khong Kha, because we use her water and they have the believe that we can give away our unhappiness and bad luck on the water and wish for luck from the goddess of the river.

Wat-Phan-Tao-05 Wat-Phan-Tao-06

They are many interesting activities for Loy Kratong such as floating your Kratong into the river, playing firecrackers and floating the light lantern that you can go to do these in many places but this year let Your Chiang Mai introduce you to the impressive festival it is called Lanna Candles and Lantern Festival at Wat Phantao.


Wat Phantao temple is located on Phra Pokklao road,next to Wat Chedi Luang where in Mueang Chiang Mai.

Wat-Phan-Tao-03 Wat-Phan-Tao-04

The Lanna Candles and Lantern Festival at Wat Phantao is going to take place on this 25 November, the temple is going to be decorated by many Lanna-styled candles and you can float the light lantern, so enjoy yourself.