Jai Yong Coffee Hut and Art Gallery ,Sankamphaeng

Jai Yong Coffee Hut and Art Gallery is the Northern-Thailand styled restaurant and coffee shop with the Lanna antique and art gallery. So, if you love to have some lunch or brunch when being surrounded with the scenes of original Northern-Thailand or Lanna, Your Chiang Mai recommend you to go and have some good meal with your sweet heart or family there.

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Jai Yong Coffee Hut and art gallery is the Lanna fusion restaurant and coffee house where you can visit the ancient Lanna antique and arts.

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The foods here is very original because owner is the folk people here so you can make sure that you are having the real Lanna food not the fake one.

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Also, the coffee here is so danm juicy too!

Jai Yong Coffee Hut and art gallery is located on Samkamphaeng district, 18 kilometers from Chiang Mai international airport. It opens daily from 10.00 a.m. to 16.00 p.m. If you want to reserve or more information please call 086-6718710.