Simple steps to make gorgeous Krathong

Like I said that in next week on 24 – 26 November Chiang Mai as well as all over Thai is going to have the one of important festival that called “Loy Krathong” or in Chiang Mai called it “Yee Peng”. This festival is very famous and well known. For this festivity you gonna see everyone but not almost is playing the firecracker (so beware of it!), floating the light lantern to the night sky and take their Krathong to the river and float it.


Wat-Phan-Tao-06 Wat-Phan-Tao-05

If you have no idea what can you prepare for this festivities, Your Chiang Mai recommended you to make some Krathong and float it into Ping river is enough if you don’t wanna waste your money for the firecracker (Oops!).

Krathong-01 Krathong-02

Materials need:

1. Banana trunks in the horizontal cut

2. Banana leaves as much as you think your Krathong is gonna perfect

3. Flowers (we recommend Marigold, Lotus and Globe amaranth) 

4. Small nails or pins

5. candle and candle sticks

Okay let’s do it!

First thing first,Attach some banana leaves around the sliced banana trunk. Make sure that the leaves are pointing upward. Use small pins or nails to hold the leaves into place. After that, Cut a few long strips around 3 or 4 inches wide, overlay each one in turn, taking after these steps below this instruction. Next, Staple or nail every leaf that we have made around the base.  Finally, Decorating your Krathong with the flowers , candle and candlesticks.



Krathong-04 Krathong-03

And we recommend you(again!) to float at Mae Ping River, if you love cheerful place you can go to Nawarat bridge which the map for Nawarat is below there