137 Pillars House



2 Nawatgate Soi 1, Chiang Mai Thailand 50000

The famous luxury hotel in Asia, 1 in 5 is located in the town. Just 15 minutes away from the airport in a romantic atmosphere Lanna style.  Distinctive traditional home that has a history of about 120 years, as the  source of ….. 137 Pillars House, is ideally located for visitors to experience the beauty of the eyes. Beautiful garden, trees which were long preserved in the elegant. A perfect blend of beauty of the West.  Each house design private suite. In a wooden house with a warm atmosphere and equipped with private facilities, tea, wine, the sound design Piano, Library room restaurant serves both Thailand and the West.  Beautifully decorated with paintings of famous artists.  Chad used to enjoy the food and admire the quality of the art.

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