Shogun Cafe’, Muang Chiang Mai

Who always have breakfast before you go to work, study  or do any activity? If you say “no, breakfast waste my time” or something like that, it’s mean that you have the wrong habit and being unhealthy because breakfast is the most important meal in our life so today Your Chiang Mai has breakfast restaurant for you it is Shogun Cafe’, the breakfast and coffee restaurant.

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Shogun Cafe‘ is located on Suthep road, opposite to Faculty of  Dentist and Pharma of  Chiang Mai University, the restaurant is in orange-white color so it’s not hard to find out the restaurant.

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Shogun Cafe’ is popular in ‘pan-fried egg with topping’, it’s a fried eggs in pan with white pork sausage, Chinese sausage ,carrot and green shallot, and coffee so if you stop by and have some breakfast there the recommended menu is that. Also cakes are very juicy too!

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Shogun Cafe’ opens daily from 6.30 a.m. to 18.30 p.m.

For more information call : 086-564-6370