Rock Me Burger and Bar ,Mueng Chiang Mai

The giant burger for every rockers and non-rocker too! If you are the one who loves and sacrifices for the delectable burger, Your Chiang Mai recommends ‘Rock Me Burger and Bar’  and this place is not going to let you down.


Rock Me Burger and Bar is located  in front of Ramming Lodge Hotel on Loy Kroh Road. It has two zones for you, indoor and outdoor with the bar.

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The restaurant is decorated in rock music’s styled also foods are very variety, yummy and difference from many burger restaurants and it’s  for every American-food-lovers and their names is very rock like the name of this restaurant such as Red hot chili pepper hot dog, buffalo wings and etc. This rock’s styled burger restaurant is not only good at burger but its salad, cocktail and appetizer is also tasty too!

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The price is very reasonable, it’s around 100 to 250 baht, though it seems to be expensive, right? but I’ll tell you the price is appropriate to quality and quantity of their products.

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Rock Me Burger and Bar is open daily from 11.30 a.m. to midnight.