Wiang Kum Kam, Sarapee

The latest ancient city that we talked about is Wiang Tha Kan right? Now Your Chiang Mai is gonna talk about the other place like Wiang Tha Kan, it’s Wiang Kum Kam, The 700 years city of Chiang Mai where had been a lost city in the water for years.


As reported by history King Mangrai migrated the capital of the Lanna Kingdom from Chiang Rai to the old city of Wiang Kum Kam on the Ping’s banks River in 1288. Whilst the new riverside area offered numerous preferences, the zone was low-lying and inclined to extreme occasional flooding.


Wiang Kum Kam have many archaeological sites about 10 places to visit and learn the history of Chinag Mai. First you have to visit the Wiang Kum Kam Information center where you can take a tour with guide tour and in there it’s an exhibition about the place.

Wiang Kum Kam provide you many different kinds of tour:

- Carriage tour for 250 baht/carriage (2-3 persons)

- Tram tour for 15 baht/person

…each tour takes 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Wiang-Kum-Kam-01 Wiang-Kum-Kam-02

more information :  053-140322

Photo from: Wikipedia.com