4 Most Super Awesome Salad restaurant and bar in Chiang Mai

Where them healthy dudes at? Throw your hands up in the air and follow us to the healthier salad bars. Today Your Chiang Mai will take you to the 5 most awesome salad bar and restaurant in Chiang Mai, not only one restaurant but 5.


1. Salad Fai Hin @CMU

Salad Fai Hin is located in Chiang Mai University, AKA CMU, this one is not expensive , its price is just around 30-35 baht. It has 3 kinds of Salad, Vegetable Salad, Fruit Salad and Mixed, and its salad dressing is not too bad it worth to try.


2. Slad Khunnai

Salad Khunnai has 2 branches, first one is on Suthep Road and the other is at Malin Plaza. At Salad Khunnai, they use mostly organic vegetables, fruits and grains. The price is around 45-60 baht. Moreover, they also have non-salad meals too such as roast chicken, grilled pork and juicy fruit shakes.


Branches 1  @Suthep Road 

Branches 2 @Malin Plaza

3. Salad Conceept 

Salad Concept is located at Nimman lane 13. This one is different from the others, they have their special menu like salad rolled. Their dressing is very various- for example Tofu dressing, passion fruit dressing, carrot dressing and more. The price is around 69 baht but if you add more topping like tuna, grilled bacon or salmon, you have to pay more about 20 baht per topping.

Salad-Concept-02 Salad-Concept-01

4. Salad Kad Thanin

Salad Kad Thanin is the salad bar shop so it’s mean that you can get the things what you want by yourself. The price is 9 baht per gram and salad dressing is 15-20 baht, sound reasonable? Go grab some!  It’s located at Siri Wattana Market.