suk8                    21 Soi 13 Nimmanhaemin Chiang Mai Thailand

“Cafe Sook Sathan” comes from the word happy + place or meaning. A happy place Traditional activities such as But the owners have converted the house into a shop, but try to maintain their original home to the most. The people who come to feel that it would have to sip coffee house atmosphere. A friendly Same as the name of

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“Cafe Sook Sathan ” with a variety of drinks, snacks, cakes, menu variety is available.

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We have the facilities to provide services to customers, such as WiFi, air cool, plug it up, meeting rooms for clients in groups of 4 or more.

 Mixed drinks menu The shop will not emphasize the taste is not very sweet. But: You can not like it “less sweet” “Add Sweet” or “Add sour” (in the drink with lemon).

 Then the cake shop A homemade cake Most will come from manufacturers who are skilled in making different cakes away. Cake shop has a variety of affordable recruiting to a particular customer. Most of the customers are students, working people to sit and read a book or work. The atmosphere inside is quite comfortable, quiet and make customers feel. Relax and concentrate on work or reading. Read to … eat, drink and cake to go.