“Muang Kung” The lanna pottery handicraft

In the past, before we used glass, plastic or ceramics for contain anything to drink or eat we’ve contained it in the pottery but nowadays pottery is just the house decoration things, so that’s mean potter is less than the past and it’s more difficult to find some magnificent quality pottery but in “Mueng Kung”  they still have it!

“Mueng Kung” is a  lanna (;means Chiang Mai) pottery handicraft village that still remain in authentic way of the potters’ life.

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The pottery in Mueng Kung is uniquely from others by its colour style, it is coated with laterite(or rouge), polished by the stone and has it own design in heart-shape on their pots, and they have got many mixture pottery products such as jugs in 5 different design in reasonable price for you.

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You can wander around and learn how to make some pot and the potter routine there.

This village is not too hard to find, in front of the village it has the giant jug standing there, and it just 30 minutes from Thaphae Gate to get there.