‘Chiang Mai Walking Streets’ you can shop everyday in every variety places!

If you love something traditional and simple for your shopping, you gotta love Chiang Mai Walking Street for sure! because it has got many local things here such as local foods or house uses and anything you looking for!

The most famous Chiang Mai Walking Street is Thaphae Gate Walking Street but if you want to shop in somewhere else then you can and each places they have their own unique style too!

1.  Walking Street@Mee Chok Plaza (Every Monday and Tuesday in the evening)

This place has several variety of foods and beverages, we recommend you to have Som-Tam here, the name of this restaurant is “Som-Tam Sap”, and more in economical price.

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2. Walking Street@Lotus Kham Theing (Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the evening)

If you’ve missed Mee Chok Plaza, you can shop here because it has something same so as the price too!


3. Walking Street@Wualai (Every Saturday in the evening)

This one is very traditional and more original than the other places. I Street vendors selling food, souvenirs, clothes, gadgets, etc. it’s packed with tourists! It’s a great experience if you are in Thailand for the first time or you simply can’t get enough of the markets. Just pay attention to your bag! And get ready to smell like street food! 

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4. Walking Street @ ThePhae Gate (Every Sunday in the evening)

This is the most famous and the biggest Walking Street in Chiang Mai. Right here it contain  abundant mixture foods, drinks, souvenirs, housewares and spiritual items and more!

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