Maesa Snake Farm, Maerim

Although snake is symbolic the evil but who knows maybe it’s better or more loyal than the one who broke you heart(Oops!). In this article our Your Chiang Mai is going to recommend you to explore and learn the reptile animal, S-N-A-K-E!, you can learn this thing from Maesa Snake Farm in Mae Rim District.

Maesa-snake-farm-05 Maesa-snake-farm-06

Maesa Snake Farm has many variety species of snake from all over Thailand either poisonous or harmless  species, they are waiting here for you to learn  from these adorable species.

The snake farm has the snake show with 4 species of the snake.

1. Cobra Show


2. Rat snake Show


3. Jumping snake Show


4. Python Show


They also provide you to wander around to take a look and get some knowledge about the serpent, they made the snake ponds to bring them inside of it.

Maesa Snake Farm opens daily from 9.00 a.m. to 04.00 p.m.

Fee : Adult for 200 baht/person

Children for 100 baht/person