Khamthieng Flower Market, Muang Chiang Mai

Khamthieng Flower Market is the biggest flower market in Chiang Mai. This flower market is not only selling just flower but many plants and trees too, So we can call this place as Botany’s heaven because it has many species and kinds of plants and flower here.

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Khamthieng Flower market contains pretty much any sort of tropical or sub-tropical plant you can consider: grown trees, bedding plants, pruned herbs, uncommon kinds of orchids, desert plants, temperate blossoms – for example, roses, lilies and lotuses etc.

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It is not only about the plants but it provides you a lovely pet such as puppy, kitty-cat, many kinds of pretty fishes. It also sells the garden equipment and fertilization too.


Khamthieng flower market opens around 08.00 a.m. to 07.00 p.m. (up to the shopkeepers) Your Chiang Mai recommends you to go there at the late afternoon  because it’s cooler weather and the parking lot is more available and every shops already open.

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Map; from Thaphae gate to Khamthieng flower market

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