Somtam Yokkrok, Nimman11

If you have ever been in Thailand, the first Thai food that you have to try is going to be Somtam or papaya salad. So, Your Chiang Mai would like to suggest you to one place that traditional and fusion Somtam, We are talking about Somtam Yokkrok at Nimman lane 11.


Somtam Yokkrok  is the unique-style Somtam restaurant because they serve you Somtam in the  mortar like you are having the fresh food that just came out the kitchen.

Somtam-yokkrok-01 Somtam-yokkrok-05

This striking Somtam restaurant doesn’t only have just the variety idea for serving you, its Somtam is hella delicious too! and you can choose many menus of Somtam such as spicy fruit salad, Crispy kale salad with crispy pork and more.

Somtam-yokkrok-02 Somtam-yokkrok-03

Somtam Yokkrok on Nimman lane 11 is the latest branch of Somtam Yokkrok, the other is on Wualai Road, it opens daily from 10.30 a.m. to 08.30 p.m.