mf14   T.baanpao Maeteng Chiang Mai  (Chiang mai – Fang Road)

 Mountain Float or houseboat is ready to serve our “Valuable Guests” who come to visit a comfortable houseboat in Mae NgudSomboonChol dam. The place is among mists, trees, mountains and the land breeze at Sri Lanna National Park, where naturecreated for you. 

“Mae NgudSomboonCholdam” formerly known as Mae Ngud dam,located on the Mae Ngud river, which is a branch of the Ping river, Baan Pao Sub-District, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai Province. An area of approximately 20 square kilometers, which is approximately 51 kilometers away from the city on Highway 107 (Chiang Mai – Fang). Adam is in the initiative of His Majesty, which hath graciously bestowed his dam’s name. “Mae NgudSomboonChol” on January 16, 1986, and presided over the opening ceremony on February 22, 1986.

Mountain Float or houseboat is a cozy warm place, where has been creating decorative concept of surrounded nature. The raft is made from natural materials. Allhouseboats have buoyancy to make the raft float stably and strongly. Full service facilities are ready to be served e.g. 24 hours electricity, clean water, especially the water has been filtered through a series of standard equipment.Each houseboat has area of approximately 100 square meters, divided into four large bedrooms, each bedroom has one double and one twin beds. Moreover, each room has its own bathroom and toilet facilities. Ideal for private holiday or leisure group (10-12 people).Breakfast, dinner, tea,fresh coffee, healthy drink, alcohol etc., are available throughout the residence. Note: Elegant floating restaurant and another 3 houseboats are coming soon.

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