Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center


55 Moo 5  Huay Kaew Rd. Chiang Mai 

Most lifestyle shopping centers.
The meeting point of the creative power of entertainment beyond imagination.

The One and Only Location
Most of the prime Nimmanhaemint the city center with its location just 7 minutes from Chiang Mai International Airport links to all major points in the city .

“Vertical Nimman” The Evolution of Retail Concept.
The concept design concept ” Nimman vertical” arrangements of colors. Lifestyle Nimmanhaemint lines . Away layer by layer from the bottom The deck may be a link Coruna . To create appealing to Nimman more.

The Iconic Landmark Architecture
Of the most remarkable architectural creations inspired by the craftsmanship blend with woven emitting Thailand . Sparks from day till night,

One of Best Cinema in The World.
The entertainment phenomenon with sophisticated design, all aspects of the entertainment level . To the cinema The best one of the world ‘s 10 most theaters under the SFX Cinema to the atmosphere . Amazing and watching movies Different from that used

Nimman Hill “The Urban Sky Park”.
Most of the vantage point of the city. Activity yard rendezvous creative community and tourists. Creative recycling activities throughout the year.

Strolling Mart
Rim Ping supermarket stores and Take Home.
Health and Beauty

G Floor
Cosmo Boullevard
Shop fashion brands And beauty products
Jewelry , Gems

Stylish Avenue
Fashion stores clothing worn.
Sports equipment and sportswear

Digitech Street
Retail and IT Gatwick jet.
Mobile Network Service Center
Banks and financial institutions

Food Bazaar
International Centre restaurant
Papaya Maple Fantasia

Cinematic Arena
SFX Cinema, 10 theaters .
First Class movie
Libraly cafe

6 (Roof)
Nimman Hill: Urban Sky Park
Deck overlooking the city
Shop Food and Drink

Open Everyday:

Mon – Fri: 11:00 – 22:00.
Sat – Sun: 10:00 – 22:00.


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