Hallo-Dormtel  Nimmanhaemin 13  Chiang Mai Thailand

Comfortable and chic come from the concept of celebrity architects’s Plankrich  in Chiang Mai.  Plankrich Creation to transform the old building, a dormitory. But be retooled into a Dorm Room Spa cool. Heart nimmanhemin Soi 13 has 12 rooms with 3 different Twin Room with double bed 3 ft 2 bed room, double room is a double bed and a four room is bunk bed 2 beds. sleeps 4 people, all with galvanized sheet lining the inner wall alcoholics. Polished concrete floors are The raw emotions cool front has a pleasant child Hallo Shop sell a wide range of handmade postcards Ideas Lighting Decoration section of the ground floor or basement Hallo Bar is a bar selling water.

“Half a dozen Dorm Tales” is in a good location. Not far from the entertainment district of Mae’s much whether they are restaurants, coffee shops. Souvenir shops, pubs, bars, ideal for overseas visitors who enjoy decorating style raw. Number of rooms, not too much.Uncrowded Furniture adapted from items not recycled. The friendly service

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The rooms are decorated with the same style. The chair and lamp Another corner of the designers featured is the bathroom. To design a bathroom and shower are separate. For ease of use the bathroom. Guests at the event as a group. And here is the bike in the room to allow guests to use.

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For the origin of the name “Hallo Dormtel” This hotel has a total of 12 rooms, it is one of a dozen words that Aaron was hilarious fun for the friendly with the guests. Written as 512 part numbers Dormtel dormitory mixture resulting from the Hotel are well mixed.

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