Art in Paradise , Chang Klan Road

If you have ever gone to any museum or artistic exhibition, they allow you just looking at it and sometimes you can’t even look it closer than 2 meters, isn’t it? But, how good is it if you’re the part of painting and you can be yourself in any painting, sound crazy right? I’m not joking I’m talking about the illusion Art Museum on Chang Klan Road, Art In Paradise, the first and the one in Chiang Mai.

Art-in-paradise-2 Art-in-paradise-1

Art in Paradise the first Illusion Art Museum of Chiang Mai, presents Illusion Art, the painting workmanship requiring strategies and ability in painting on a level surface into a “3D” and giving a feeling of Realistic art.

A Illusion is a tangible observation that causes a bent or adjusted impression. Since figment is not the inverse of reality, the impact of figment one encounters is neither true nor false. And the cool Illusion art are provided you in Art In Paradise now!


They have got more than hundred illusion arts await in the museum for you to touch your fantasy world and you ‘re just preparing your camera and be creative, fun, let be yourself and be the one of incredible paintings.

They have 6 zones here:

1. Under the ocean world zone


2.  Wildlife zone


3. Classic art zone


4. Orientalist art zone (Eastern artistic)


5. Abstract art zone


6. Lost creatures zones


Otherwise, They have a coffee shop and cafeteria too.

Cafe-Art-in-paradise Cafeteria-art-in-paradise

Art In Paradise open daily from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm

price : Adult for 400 baht each person

Children for 200 baht each person

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