ATV (4 wheel off road tour) / Rafting


Visitors can experience the power of the ATV that will take you soaring ahead. Fun challenge On the road into the forest ahead to cross the river, you feel one with nature. Ea or by a short distance. But filled with dirt of the road, whether driving across Lome water, driving struck a rock, gliding along a muddy, scaled the heights of the mountains, then we still have fun with rafting. Taeng river tributaries


- Huay Tung Tao / Mae Rim

- Mae Tang

- Mae Wang


Mai did not care, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. Lin Ping walking street. Peak of activity but also driving expectations that the airport is only 10 minutes! Thence

World Unseen, which tours are generally not in the system! Driving with ATV (4 wheel motorcycle) or small electric NFC hood. Very elegant American descent.

Stylish and personal assistant guiding care of security like VIP. Traveling in areas where insects, but people here do not know it’s Army!Whether it caves Ontario Ee … the mysterious figure in the legendary mind.

Central Valley yard reception … sacred grove where every year there is a ghost worship buttress my grandfather, my grandmother Tsubasa Tsubasa communities in Mae Hia … lifestyle home in a park near the city of Chiang Mai.

Into the garden … just I feel the grandeur of the former Mega project papers on Agricultural Research. G. One place where the road most of the CMU Athletic MCI.

Or the Suwanbanpot …. old trenches millennia. Where you can see the house and only look out from a balcony, or to experience a new activity using an ATV Paintball Shoot BTS were convertible.

atv2  atv3


Kuet rapids attractions, water activities, one of Chiang Mai. It is very popular for foreigners with the white water rafting here. A place surrounded by natural beauty and the atmosphere around it. There is a place for people to drop away. Especially the hot ones are very special to come relax and swim. The rainy season and the currents are quite strong and suitable for rafting. After the floods will come, it will have beaten a river of waterfalls add to the fun of the bizarre.

Appropriate time and conditions during the cruise of the year.

June difficulty level 2 to 3 + has higher security. Visitors can try it with any standard operators. The water was not very strong.

July – August, the water level would be roughly 3 to 4 +, be careful and use the most. Rescue teams must be ready 100% should avoid providers that standards are not enough.

September cataract various difficulty levels 4 to 5 + Hardcore suitable for rafting is the need to leave at some point. At high risk Be aware of and using up strongly. Visitor numbers fell 15% chance of a ship or boat overturned. Rescue teams have the most effective and should be experienced enough. Appropriate and can help themselves to some extent as well.

October – December 3 and 4 difficulty levels are safe. The rescue team must be ready, because the current is stronger, 100%. After mid-December, then the tide would reduce violence down to a level 3, where anyone can try. Suitable for whitewater rafting adventure with family and children.

January – March, difficulty level 2 or 3 of the trip very enjoyable. Suitable for families and children Adventure tourism to come together.Including those who have no experience with very high security. Clear cold water Can swim with the try.

April – 2 May, the difficulty level is not suitable for rafting with rubber boats. Because shallow water boat will cruise to stick to standard time.Conversely, a tire with a kayak, a small sitting just three seats to take visitors for their fun and exciting than a rubber boat. Larger in waters again. Because visitors can experience the tides. Exposed to waves and amazing rapids closely barely swallow the meat. Same river ever

***Not just because cheap  decision.

When is it can not pay wages to a team of talented and experienced. And do not qualify for standard equipment and customer service.They also need to reduce the cost of doing the minimum required to remain profitable tour …. then. What are you left