Wat Phra Singh, Chiang Lee, the original temple. Located at three million. T.Prasingh tourists familiar names well known Cliff Chiang Mai The King ordered the building to contain the bones of the serpent swells. The father In front of this temple used to be the market before.People called Kat Lee

Wat Phra Singh is something of interest include Hall building is brick, wood. The outer wall of the building is adorned with stucco gods jazzed up beautifully. Phra Kaew is craftsmanship and modern Later in the Kaewnawarat you have to repair the approximately 1924 base triple mullion pattern molded into the lower cornice adorned with creatures and Prahmyam correlated with similarity of Chinese Ming Dynasty.



It also marks the Cathedral. Lanna style temple is small and compact. A Buddha temple Sihing. The temple walls have murals Is like real life If we look at the beauty of the temple pattern. We feel like that the conditions are now as real as the living 100 years ago.


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Pha That Luang, Wat Phra That year was the year of the Dragon (Python) looks as relics of an elephant surrounded on each side, 1 rope climb 25 meters square base side length of 16 meters 1 feet, built in the royal family. Mang We assumed that the age of the building of the That Luang Phra Singh in the late 20th century. Srivijaya was restored and herbivore Calendar Prophecy on the year.. 1926. Where was the abbot at Wat Phra Singh, too.



Reclining Buddha (Buddha) Buddha is the oldest building in the year 1551 in the past, traditional clothing and bathing Buddha relics along the way. The belief that, When people come to pray and then go. I thank by the radiator.



Located behind the temple’s destruction. The castle has a pagoda top 5 is connected to the rear wall of the temple with a tunnel into my designs. Ku, marking the traditional Lanna architecture.


 Wat Phra Singh held that the place of the one that is the soul of religion in the city. When the temple festivals and religious ceremonies are held.  Buddhists have come to the ceremony so packed by faith.

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