Baan Tawai  is the village of wood-carving handicrafts. It has been known as the major cultural attraction of Chiangmai for Thai and foreign   tourists.  The best quality and bargains of wood carving items can be found in Baan Tawai.      At present, a wide variety of wood carvings and other decorative items e.g.  wood carving, wood-strips, gold leaf wood,  antique wood, silverware, lacquer ware, hand-woven textile, basketry and earthenware, can be found in Baan Tawai at Baan Tawai handicraft  Center and Baan Tawai Song Fang Klong Center.

The art of wooden handicrafts at Baan Tawai

Wood-carving : typical woodwork at Baan Tawai, Chiangmai
     • Wood texture- polishing : polished in order to bring out  the beauty of  wood texture
     • Crackle Paint Wood : a paint that produce a crackled effect on the wood
     • Wood antiqueing : new wood made to look like antiques

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Sightseeing tour within Baantawai, OTOP Tourism Village

1.Tawai Temple


Being small village at Khun Kong Sub-district, Hangdong District, Chiang Mai, the inhabitants who are farmers lead simple way of lives. In Buddhist culture the temple is the community center of the neighborhood and for this village – Tawai temple. Owing to the people strong faith in Buddhism the temple is so exquisitely adorned with carved woods that the beauty of Tawai temple became famous. Accordingly the temple became even more gorgeous. The more famous the temple is, the more beautiful it has become. The villagers delivered their masterpieces to decorate the temple such as carved wooden doors and windows of the wihara (hall), the extension of the apex of the gable, over 200-year-old ancient Khong, Lanna-styled Tripitaka chamber and arched housing of Kru Ba Chao Sobha (Bao) the famous Buddhist monk.

2.Baantawai Handicraft Center and Baantawai’s Song Fung Klong Handicraft Center

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Song Fung Klong Handicraft Center is located at the heart of Baantawai Village, which is regarded as the origin of the amazing handicrafts and wood sculptures. There are gift shops on both banks of the canal. The premises are decorated with Lanna architecture amidst picturesque landscape surrounded with countryside atmosphere of Baantawai’s agricultural and simple ways of lives. The people will be informed how the artistic handicrafts are created and how they have become popular in terms of value and quality.  The center is the meeting point of the variety of handicrafts to name a few animal sculptures, angel sculptures, mythical animal sculptures and furniture such as wooden flowers, picture frames, glass frames, lanterns, tissue boxes, vases and export quality wooden furniture, etc.

3.Handicraft route “wood sculpture” 
Seeing the craftsmen’s way of living and their very own studios, which are simply located underneath their home. Some of the beautiful pieces are displayed that will fascinate all visitors with its suave motifs blended with their sublime sculpturing skills.

4. Handicraft route “Lacquerware” 
5. Handicraft route “Cutting in-motif” 
6. Handicraft route “Architectural miniatures”
7. Handicraft route “Antique imitation ”
8. Handicraft route “Wood painting technique” 
9. Handicraft route “Drawing-painting”

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